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With this in the message area:

AT 5:30 Time for dinner

choose 'Go' to schedule an alarm. When 5:30 eventually comes around a window will pop up saying 'Time for dinner'. There's a close button to make it go away.

IN 10 Get a drink of water

This alarm will happen in 10 minutes.

EVERY 30 Give thanks for this day

This happens every 30 minutes until you Cancel it.

If the alarm message _begins_ with 'SP_' then it is just spoken, not shown.

IN 20 SP Wake up!

If _ends_ with '_SP' then it is both shown and spoken (without the SP, of course).

IN 30 Wake up! SP

If the message is not spoken then the alarm sound is played at the time the alarm is raised. You can set the alarm sound by choosing Browse > Configure > Sounds (at the bottom) but can be overridden by suffixing the message with 'PL soundname' where the 'soundname' is the name that appears on the Sounds page.

IN 20 Wake up! PL chimes2

If the alarm message ends with '_R' then the alarm sound will be repeated until you close the alarm window.

IN 20 Wake up sleepy head! R


IN 20 Wake up! R chimes2

If there are pending alarms they will be listed in Browse > Configure > Alarms. You can cancel them there if you wish.

Finally, note that quitting Sue Center will cancel all pending alarms.