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Choosing Browse brings you to an entirely different area of Sue Center. This is where you can read books and email, view slide shows, see files you have created, and read these help files. On the first Browse page you see these choices:

Files - Files you have created and the Log
Inbox - Incoming Letters
Pictures - Photograph Albums
Music - Collections of Songs
Books - Various works of literature
Help - Full details on how to use Sue Center
Outbox - Outgoing Mail
Configure - Changing Settings and Controls
Trash - Deleted files

Near the top of the Browse window are a series of commands - Define, Jump, Mark, Select, More, Home, Done, Back, and Suspend.

Home returns to this top place.

Done returns to the main window of Sue Center.

Suspend behaves the same as Suspend on the main window. The label changes to Resume and all action is suspended until you choose Resume. This would be useful if you wanted to read the current page without inadvertently choosing a menu item or scrolling.

Books that have been loaded into the system will be divided into parts and parts into chapters. You navigate down the directory by choosing the next part or chapter. You go back up the directory by choosing Back. No matter how far down you are, you can keep choosing Back to get to the top or the Home. There is also Home to get there directly. At the left hand side of the screen you see 6 rainbow-colored vertical rectangles for moving up and down through a file. You can go to the very top and bottom of the file, can scroll up and down by pages and by single lines. If you pause over a scrolling rectangle it will continue to scroll until you move off of it.

The books included with Sue Center by default are classics that have proven the test of time. They are in the public domain and were obtained from

If you have been reading for a while and want to take a break, you probably want to come back to the spot where you are now - like using a bookmark in a paper book.

To set a bookmark in Sue Center, choose Mark from the menu at the top and you will be returned to the main screen. Enter a bookmark name and then choose Browse again to return to the book. The bookmark will have been set.

Later when you choose Jump from the top menu you will be presented with a list of bookmarks. The one you just created will be among them. Choosing it will magically move you to the exact spot where you were when you first created the bookmark. You can continue reading where you left off!

If the name of the bookmark ends with a letter or digit it will automatically be deleted from the list of bookmarks when it is chosen. If you wish a bookmark to be permanent end it with a punctuation character such as an exclamation point ! or period .

You can see the bookmarks you have by choosing Browse > Configure > Bookmarks. You can delete them there as well.

When you quit Sue Center it will remember where you were in the Browse area and will return there when you start Sue Center again. Because of this there is no need to set a bookmark when quitting.