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Choosing Cmd > Calendar brings up a simple calendar/date book.

You see a monthly calendar and can move back and forth by month. Today is highlighted in red.

Choosing a day will allow you to add an event on that day. After entering the details of the event you choose Close Event and you return to the events on that day. Note that the event description can have multiple paragraphs. You choose Enter to insert a blank line, as usual.

In the monthly calendar days with events are denoted by having the number in reversed colors. Choosing such a day will show the events sorted by time. The first number in the event description is used as the time. Note that 8:00 is a.m. and 7:00 is p.m. Events with no time at all come after the timed ones.

You can delete any events in the daily view.

From the month view you can search all future events for a pattern. Choose Browse after entering the pattern.

From the main window of Sue Center you can search for a future event with:


Search all events (past and future) with:


You choose Go after these entries.

When Sue Center first starts it will see if you have any events today - and tell you of them.

If the message area contains a month number (1-12) then that month will show first when you invoke the calendar. It will either be in this year or the next depending on the current month.

If there are any events happening today then you will see that day when first invoking the calendar.