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Configuring the Clock

By choosing Browse > Configure > Clock you can configure the clock that appears at the bottom left of the main window.

Clock will turn the clock on and off.

Seconds will append seconds to the time or not.

Chime will turn the hourly chime on or off.

Chime Type will choose between Tibetan, Birds, and Westminster. To hear how the chime will sound there are two sample times you can choose: 2:15 and 4:00.

Chime Frequency chooses between Hourly, Half Hour, and Quarter Hour.

First Chime and Last Chime allow you to set when the first and last chime of the day will occur.

Finally, with Slide Show Delay and Email Scan Delay you can control the time interval between slides and how quickly email scanning happens.

Tibetan and Westminster chimes are from The Free Sound Project.

Bird Chimes are from

15 [[wav=chimes/b15,American Pipits]] (Anthus rubescens) 30 [[wav=chimes/b30,Gambel's Quail]] (Lophortyx gambelii) 45 [[wav=chimes/b45,Inca Dove]] (Scardafella inca)

9 [[wav=chimes/b9,Domestic Rooster]] (Gallus gallus domesticus) 10 [[wav=chimes/b10,Canyon Towhee]] (Pipilo fuscus) 11 [[wav=chimes/b11,Greater Roadrunner]] (Geococcyx californianus) 12 [[wav=chimes/b12,Common Moorhens]] (Gallinula chloropus) 1 [[wav=chimes/b1,Least Bittern]] (Ixobrychus exilis) 2 [[wav=chimes/b2,Glaucous-Wing Gulls]] (Larus glaucescens) 3 [[wav=chimes/b3,Olive Warbler]] (Peucedramus taeniatus) 4 [[wav=chimes/b4,Whip-poor-will]] (Caprimulgus vociferus) 5 [[wav=chimes/b5,Ring-necked Ducks]] (Aythya collaris) 6 [[wav=chimes/b6,Bouncer Black-chinned Sparrows]] (Spizella atrogularis) 7 [[wav=chimes/b7,Juniper Titmouse]] (Baeolophus ridgwayi) 8 [[wav=chimes/b8,Scott's Oriole]] (Icterus parisorum)

Copyright Doug Von Gausig, Permission Granted.