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Contact List

In order to send email or make a telephone call to your friends and family you first need to enter their information into the Contact List.

One way to do this is to choose Cmd > Contact. You will be prompted for Name, Email, and Phone. Choose File after each.

Note that when entering the email address the letters will be in lower case. Also note that the comma is replaced with an at sign '@' for your convenience.

If you have configured your local area code (with Configure Sue Center) you can leave off the telephone number's area code:

Contact Phone? 456-7890

If your contact has a Skype name instead of a phone number you can use that:

Contact Phone? charles.heriman

To see the all of the email addresses that you have choose Browse > Configure > Email Addresses. You can add, edit, and delete addresses there as well.

You will also see Add Group at the top. Choosing this will first prompt for a group name. You then choose contact names from the word list. When you are finished choose File and the group address will be added. Sending an email to the group address will send it to everyone in the group.

Browse > Configure > Phone Numbers similarily shows the phone numbers.