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Creating and Viewing Files

Choose the command File and you will be asked for a filename. Choose File again when you are finished with the name. You are then in 'Filing' mode. In this mode, all letters and words that you choose will be saved in a file by the name you gave. Whenever you choose Enter the words in the message area will be deposited in the file followed by a blank line.

Choosing Close File will turn off this 'Filing' mode.

How do you see the file you just created? Choose Browse. The name that you indicated will be there. The file will be displayed with all the words and sentences you put in the file. If you wish you can examine the file while you are in the process of creating it.

If you give a filename that already exists you will APPEND to that file. If you wish to start over with that filename, delete it first. When you first enter Filing mode you will be told whether you are writing to or appending to the file.

You can put spaces in filenames and you can create folders. For example:


This will make the folder 'LETTERS' and within it the folder 'OCTOBER'. The file 'KAREN SCHED' is created in the 'LETTERS' folder. File names can be in either upper or lower case so 'October' is the same as 'OCTOBER'.

One of the files you see is named 'Log'. This is the complete log of all the letters, words and sentences you have ever entered. When you choose it you will be moved to the bottom of the text so you can see the most recent entries. This file cannot be deleted.

When Sue Center starts up a timestamp is put in the Log. This should help when you are trying to locate something.

At the top of the Browse area there is a menu More. Here you will find several choices to deal with Files.


Delete will delete a file. It can also delete an entire folder of files after confirmation. The files are actually moved to the 'Trash' and can be recovered from there by renaming them. When you first enter Sue Center a count is made of the files in the trash. If there are more than 100 this count will be placed in the message area. The trash can be emptied by choosing Browse > Trash and then choosing Empty Trash at the top.

Email will send the file through email. This is discussed in the 'Sending Email' help topic.

Export will copy the file to the 'My Documents' folder of Windows so that others can easily access it.

Rename will prompt you for a new name for the file. You can include spaces and slashes as described above.

Return will cancel your menu choice if you had chosen it by mistake.

Save is used to save an email to a file. You can include spaces and slashes as described above.

Search is discussed in the 'Search' help topic.

Speak will read the text of the file. It changes to Hush for use in stopping it.