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Miscellaneous Topics

A few items that didn't fit elsewhere are collected here.

There is some special handling of spaces when you enter punctuation characters such as period, double quote, comma, exclamation point, and question mark. Know that it will generally do what you want and expect.

English pluralization can be done automatically for you. After entering:


(the underscore represents a visible space) enter the sequence:


This will be transformed into:


Table becomes Tables

Glass becomes Glasses

Deer becomes Deer

At various points (after starting a file, defining abbreviations, email addresses, scheduling alarms, and repronounciations) you enter a 'pre-clear' state indicated by the message ending with an ellipsis: ... There is no need for you to clear the message area at this point. Simply entering the next letter will automatically do the clear.

Letters in the OutBox cannot be deleted. The Log cannot be deleted either. These serve as a backup and archive.