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Pictures come into Sue Center by way of email.

Emails that have pictures have subject lines with "pics" after it.

Choose Show and you will see that above the subject of the letter will be Picture commands, one for each picture in the email.

Choosing Picture will display the image. Above the image are commands *Close', Email, and Save.

Close simply closes the image and returns to the InBox list.

Email will add the picture to a list of pictures to be attached to the next email you send. The act of saving does not begin the email for you.

Save will save the image in an album with a title. You are prompted for an album name.


Existing albums will appear in the word list. Either choose an existing album or enter a new one followed by choosing File. You are next prompted for a title.


Use this to briefly describe the picture you are saving. You can leave it blank, if you wish. Choose File again to complete the saving of the picture. You can abort the saving of a picture by choosing Clear during the above process. You can see all of your picture albums by choosing Browse > Pictures.

By the first picture of an email is also a Slideshow command. Choosing this shows a full screen slideshow of the pictures in the email. Slideshows can be started either from the InBox or from an album. Every 5 seconds another picture is shown and they cycle around from the last to the first. You can stop a slideshow by choosing the 'Stop' image in the upper left corner. You can pause and resume a slideshow with the image below it. You can control the delay between pictures - see Configure > Clock.

There are also the commands Save All and Email All.

Save All - You are prompted for an album name in the usual way but not for titles. The pictures will be titled automatically with unique numbers.

Email All - All of the pictures in the album will be attached to the next email.

Every picture you receive via email is copied to your 'My Pictures' folder. This serves as an archive of every picture you ever received. Windows/XP provides a nice mechanism for an able bodied person to view, zoom, and print pictures. Pictures obtained via MailMe will be copied to 'My Pictures' only if you save them into an album.