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To select music and control how it is played choose Browse > Music to see your playlists.

You must have first installed Winamp - see the download section of the Sue Center web site for details. There is a sample playlist for your enjoyment and instructions for creating Sue Center playlists from your own CD music library.

Choose a playlist and it will begin playing.

Choose Music Controls and you can:

Pause - pause (or play) the music
Softer - turn the volume down
Louder - turn it up
Prev - play the previous song
Next - play the next song
Rewind - rewind the music about 5 seconds
Forward - fast forward the music
Repeat - repeat the playlist (or just once)
Ordered - play the songs in order (or randomly)
Done - close the Music Controls

You can also find these Music Controls in the Cmd popup.

When the music starts to play a Pause button will appear on the bottom of the main screen (to the right of the clock). You can use this to Pause and Play the music. This is easier than opening the Music Controls above.