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Receiving Email

Choose Browse > Inbox to see the mail you have received.

At the top is Get New Email. Choosing this will begin the sequence of receiving email. A progress dialog is shown. Once this is complete a sound is played indicating whether you received any new email or not. This sound can be changed by choosing Browse > Configure > Sounds. The choices range from the mundane to the hilarious.

On the bottom left of the main window a number will appear that indicates how many new email messages you have not yet gotten. Choosing this number will initiate the Get New Mail sequence for you. This number is updated every 15 minutes.

Newly gotten letters will appear at the top of the Browse window along with the sender's name and the subject. Choose the appropriate Show command to display the email. Show is in reversed colors for letters you have not yet read. When showing a letter there are several commands available. If the address of the sender (or anyone else who was Cc'ed) is not already in your Contact List, there will be a command at the top saying *Add Address*. Selecting this will add the person to your Contact List.

*Show Index* returns to the list of letters in the InBox.

Delete will delete the letter and any pictures attached to it. You can recover them from the Trash if you wish. After a letter is deleted you will see the next letter in sequence.

Reply begins an email in reply to the current one. The responses to 'To Whom?' and 'Subject' are pre-provided. You only need to enter your response and choose 'Send'. The text of the letter you are replying to will be put beneath your added comments for context.

'Reply All' will be shown if there is anyone Cc'ed on the letter. This command will send a reply to the sender and Cc everyone else.

'Forward' takes the current letter and sends it to someone else. You can modify the Subject and add comments to the top of the letter.

There is also a left and right green arrow to move to the previous or the following email. You can control how fast this happens - see Configure > Clock.

If you are sent a letter with an attachment that is not a picture (such as a PowerPoint slideshow), Sue Center cannot deal with it. The file will be copied to your My Documents folder and a note appended to the letter informing you of this action.