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Sending Email

To send an email choose Email from the bottom right of the main window. You will be asked:

To Whom?

Email addresses from your Contact List are shown in the word list. Choose one from here or if the one you wish is not visible you can enter the first letters of the person's name. The list will narrow as usual. You can also choose the Down or Up buttons (they used to say Speak and Browse) at the bottom to scroll through the list.

You are next prompted for a subject:


If you leave the Subject blank it will default to 'Letter from Sue!' (where Sue is replaced with your name).

When finished with the Subject choose Email again and the label will change to Send Email to indicate that you are in 'Emailing' mode.

At this point any letters and words you choose will be directed into the email file. Choosing Enter will flush the text in the message area into the email and then append a blank line. The effect will be to start a new paragraph of your letter. When you are all finished choose *Send Email* and the email will be sent.

If you wish to examine the contents of the email you are creating choose Browse to see the letter you are composing. It is in a file named 'outgoing'. Unfortunately, you cannot alter this file. Any edits you wish to make must be done while the text is still visible in the message area. See the Editing help topic.

After the letter is sent a sound is played to confirm the sending. This sound can be changed by choosing Browse > Configure > Sounds.

If you wish to Cc (carbon copy) someone on a letter you are in the process of creating put 'CC' in the message area followed by a space. The word list will fill with your addresses. Choose one or more in the usual way and then choose 'Enter'. Bcc (blind carbon copy) works in the same way. You can put 'BCC' or 'bcc' or 'Bcc' as you wish.

Can one cancel an email that was started in error?

If you chose Email by mistake you can cancel this by choosing Clear. If you choose Clear during the entry of a Subject it will also cancel the email. Finally, if you wish to cancel the letter during its composition choose Enter when the message area is ALREADY empty. You will be asked to confirm the cancellation.

Files you create with the normal File mechanism can also be sent via email. Display the file in the Browse area and then choose More > Email. You are prompted for both 'To Whom?' and 'Subject?' and the file is then sent off.

To resend a letter you have already sent find it in the Outbox, display it in the Browse window and then choose More > Email. You are prompted for 'To Whom?' and 'Subject?' as usual. The envelope information in this file will be stripped before sending it on to the next person.

You can send a letter to EVERYONE in your address book. When asked 'To Whom?', instead of choosing from your address book, enter the word 'ALL' and then choose Email at the bottom right. You will see:

To: Everyone in your Address Book!
Subject: _

Proceed as normal. The letter will be addressed to everyone as a blind Cc. They will not be able to see each other's address. You are copied on the letter.

Sending email can also post updates to your Facebook or Twitter accounts. You first configure it in Sue Center Configure in the General tab under Social Networking. See the Configuration page on the

web site for help with this. Once this is in place you can enter:

FB I am enjoying the wonderful spring weather.


TW I'm enjoying a lunch of hummus and pita with dolma!

into the message area. Then choose Go and the message will be posted to your Facebook (FB) or Twitter (TW) account. You can attach pictures to these posts in the normal way.