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The World Wide Web

The MailMe feature gives you very easy access to certain prime spots on the web.

There is also a way to get access to the rest of the web but in a very limited way.

If you enter this:


and choose Go then the contents of the web page at SUECENTER.ORG will be displayed in the Browse area. The key is that the message area begins with 'W_'. Another example:


If the text after the 'W' does not contain a dot then it will be regarded as a search term for

w apple

Links within the web page can be followed.

If a lines in your files or email contain the strings 'http' or 'www' then you will be able link to and browse that web site.

With large web pages there can be a long delay before the page is shown. You simply must wait.

This is a gateway to the humongous source of information that the web offers. Be aware, however of the many limitations:

- You see only the text and the images.

The format of how these are presented is quite haphazard. It is very dependent on how the web page is designed. Your mileage will vary.

- No form submission (it is basically read-only) - No fonts - No colors - No music - No movies - No javascript or java - No CSS - No frames - No favorites or bookmarks - No cacheing of images - No popup ads (yay!)

Note: At this point images from wikipedia are not gotten.


This does a search on

If you feel that the above limitations are too restrictive then you have truly become an Advanced Power User of Sue Center and it is high time to graduate. You are very likely able to use a dwell-clicker, an on-screen keyboard, and a REAL web browser. See this site for more information:

Power users can use abbreviations suffixed with '_GO' to speed getting to their favorite sites.

Even though this primitive web browser (with many thanks to only presents the text and the images it is still pretty cool.

The 'cream of the correspondence' (to quote Oliver Goldsmith in 'She Stoops to Conquer') on the web (and in email) is most often in the _text_ and not in the fancy presentation of it. Pictures are 'worth a thousand words' and with Sue Center you can see those as well.