Music in Sue Center

Sue Center relies on winamp to play music.


Winamp understands several formats but the major one is mp3. You must convert your music tracks on CDs to mp3 files. This can be done in several ways. I recommend this free CD ripper:

Place your mp3 files in the following folder:

You can also put files in a subfolder of the Music folder named after the album or artist.


Playlists are plain text files that live in: Each line of a playlist text file is the path to an mp3 file. The path begins at the above Music folder. For example if we have these mp3 files: Then we can have a playlist (in the browse.dir\Playlist folder) called Bach.txt like so: and one called Favs.txt: Note that you can have a hierarchy of playlists organized under folders. For example:

Automatic Playlists

After ripping a CD into a subfolder of the Music folder you can invoke Sue Center and enter "MKPL" in the message area. Pressing "Go" at this point will then search the Music folder for newly added subfolders and create a playlist for them - named the same as the subfolder. "MKPL" stands for "make playlist". This is much easier than creating the playlists by hand.

Internet Radio Stations

Sue Center can also play internet radio stations. These are simple text files in the Playlist folder containing one line - the URL of the radio station. It is easy to add new ones:
  1. Visit
  2. Browse around that site, searching for the type of station you wish.
  3. Listen to the station by clicking on "Tune In!".
  4. When you find one that you wish to have in Sue Center right click on "Tune In!" and select "Copy Shortcut".
  5. Create a new text file (appropriately named) in Playlists and paste the shortcut into the first line.
  6. That's it. You now have a new radio station in Sue Center.
  7. Unfortunately, it seems that the URLs to these radio stations keep changing. At some point ones you have added may not work any more. If this happens you need to delete them and re-add.